The roster of courses I typically teach at the University of Connecticut. The semesters and years when I've taught the course are in parentheses. “F” = Fall, “S” = Spring, "M" = Summer


ENGL 1616W: Major Works of English and American Literature (F22)

ENGL 2101: British Literature II (F19, F18, S18)

ENGL 2305: Modern Japanese Literature (S23)

ENGL 2401: Poetry (M24, M22, S17, S16, S15, F14, S14, F13)

ENGL 2600: Introduction to Literary Studies (S20, S19, F18, S18, F17, S17, S16, F15, S15, F14)

ENGL 3117W: British Romantic Literature (F21, F20)

ENGL 3621: Literature, Media, and Technology [Literature and Other Disciplines] (F13)

ENGL 4600: Nabokov [Advanced Study Undergraduate Seminar] (S20, F17)


ENGL 5650: Introduction to Digital Humanities (S21, S19)

ENGL 6750: Literature, Media, and Communication [Seminar in Language and Literature] (F14)